Call to Schedule a Library Curbside Pick-Up!

Although our library building remains closed to the public, we are scheduling curbside pick-ups of library materials.  These curbside services are contingent on libraries following safety guidelines.  Curbside pick-ups will continue to be an option even when we are allowed to re-open the library building to the public again (date still to be determined).  In addition, once Winnefox deliveries are resumed, we will have even more materials that we can offer to our patrons for pick-up. 

 What exactly is "curbside pick-up" of library materials?  What are some of the safety guidelines that pertain to patrons?

“Curbside pick-up” is our library allowing patrons to pick-up library materials outside of our library building during pre-arranged times.  We plan to offer scheduled appointments for pick-ups daily between the hours of 9 a.m. and 2 p.m., which may be modified as needed. 

Patrons must follow these guidelines:  

1.  Materials must be requested either online or by phone, and all pick-ups must be scheduled to ensure social distancing requirements are met. 

2.  All material pick-ups will take place outside the library building.  We plan to avoid face-to-face contact with any patrons by setting items on the pick-up table in new bags with the patron name on them at the designated pick-up time.  We will verify the pick-up from inside the library building.  If you have any questions for staff, please call the library at 929-3771 rather than try to ask us during the arranged pick-up.